Quickbooks Desktop Reports

Custom Reports / Transaction Detail If you do a report for estimates and the estimate does not have an open balance, it is probably because it has a invoice attached to it Filters to use: Posting Status if you need to list Estimates Account Detail Level Transaction Type Columns / Fields Balance Open Balance PaidContinue reading “Quickbooks Desktop Reports”

Personal Notes

I’ll transform this post into a page in the future, but for now, this post works for me. Google Pixel 4 XL Battery Replacement – iFixit Repair Guide. I bought a Pixel 4XL in 2022. 😁 But the battery drains really fast, even during the night, without use. I use the AccuBattery Pro App toContinue reading “Personal Notes”

Quickbooks Desktop

I have to work with Quickbooks Desktop once in a while so I’ll use this post to write some tips that will help me or someone else in the future. Quickbooks Desktop 21. New Bank FeedsI had to create a new Quickbooks Desktop file recently to do some tests and when I opened the BankContinue reading “Quickbooks Desktop”

Microsoft 365 Links

Change your SharePoint domain name – SharePoint in Microsoft 365 | Microsoft Docs Defederating GoDaddy 365 How to migrate mailboxes from one Microsoft 365 or Office 365 organization to another Microsoft Blog for MSPs


How to Protect WordPress from Brute Force Attacks? (geekflare.com) Zillow reportedly needs to sell 7,000 houses after it bought too many – The Verge


# NTP Client # Detailed information # Servers to use # Using Winbox you go to: # – System / SNTP Client # – Check Enabled checkbox # – Primary NTP Server: 0.pool.ntp.org # – Secondary NTP Server: 1.pool.ntp.org # Using Terminal, type: /system ntp client set enabled=yes primary-ntp= secondary-ntp= # Confirm ntp server hostnames/ipContinue reading “Mikrotik”

Raspberry Pi: Compilando o ffmpeg com suporte a decoder/encoder via hardware

Estou precisando converter uns arquivos de vídeo e resolvi pesquisar em como anda o suporte a encoding via hardware no Raspberry Pi 3. Após pesquisar um pouco verifiquei que o suporte existe mas não é lá essas coisas, mas resolvi testar mesmo assim. Estou usando o Raspbian Stretch sem ambiente gráfico. Instalei o ffmpeg doContinue reading “Raspberry Pi: Compilando o ffmpeg com suporte a decoder/encoder via hardware”