Personal Notes

I’ll transform this post into a page in the future, but for now, this post works for me. Google Pixel 4 XL Battery Replacement – iFixit Repair Guide. I bought a Pixel 4XL in 2022. 😁 But the battery drains really fast, even during the night, without use. I use the AccuBattery Pro App toContinue reading “Personal Notes”

Quickbooks Desktop

I have to work with Quickbooks Desktop once in a while so I’ll use this post to write some tips that will help me or someone else in the future. Quickbooks Desktop 21. New Bank FeedsI had to create a new Quickbooks Desktop file recently to do some tests and when I opened the BankContinue reading “Quickbooks Desktop”

Microsoft 365 Links

Change your SharePoint domain name – SharePoint in Microsoft 365 | Microsoft Docs


How to Protect WordPress from Brute Force Attacks? ( Zillow reportedly needs to sell 7,000 houses after it bought too many – The Verge


# NTP Client # Detailed information # Servers to use # Using Winbox you go to: # – System / SNTP Client # – Check Enabled checkbox # – Primary NTP Server: # – Secondary NTP Server: # Using Terminal, type: /system ntp client set enabled=yes primary-ntp= secondary-ntp= # Confirm ntp server hostnames/ipContinue reading “Mikrotik”

Raspberry Pi: Compilando o ffmpeg com suporte a decoder/encoder via hardware

Estou precisando converter uns arquivos de vídeo e resolvi pesquisar em como anda o suporte a encoding via hardware no Raspberry Pi 3. Após pesquisar um pouco verifiquei que o suporte existe mas não é lá essas coisas, mas resolvi testar mesmo assim. Estou usando o Raspbian Stretch sem ambiente gráfico. Instalei o ffmpeg doContinue reading “Raspberry Pi: Compilando o ffmpeg com suporte a decoder/encoder via hardware”