Quickbooks: How to force resize of a window

In the case that you get stuck with a window that does not shrink in size, like the Bills and Deposit windows, close the window that you want to resize then open it again while pressing the Shift key on your keyboard.

Quickbooks Desktop Reports

Custom Reports / Transaction Detail If you do a report for estimates and the estimate does not have an open balance, it is probably because it has a invoice attached to it Filters to use: Posting Status if you need to list Estimates Account Detail Level Transaction Type Columns / Fields Balance Open Balance PaidContinue reading “Quickbooks Desktop Reports”

Quickbooks Desktop

I have to work with Quickbooks Desktop once in a while so I’ll use this post to write some tips that will help me or someone else in the future. Quickbooks Desktop 21. New Bank FeedsI had to create a new Quickbooks Desktop file recently to do some tests and when I opened the BankContinue reading “Quickbooks Desktop”